Internal Prosthesis
Where an internal prosthesis was used, and the scheme’s limit has been exhausted, MedGap will pay the shortfall up to a limit of R30 000 per family per year. An internal prosthesis replaced a body part (e.g. hip replacement)
Internal prosthesis
Benefit for shortfalls in internal prosthesis costs
What is an internal prosthesis?
An internal prosthesis is a device that is placed inside the body during a procedure with the specific purpose of permanently replacing a body part. In other words, a body part is removed and permanently replaced with a prosthesis during surgery.
What will MedGap cover:
If you have an internal prosthesis fitted, your medical scheme may pay the full cost of the prosthesis or it may pay up to a fixed limit. If your medical scheme pays up to a fixed limit and there is a shortfall between the cost of the prosthesis and the fixed limit, we will cover this shortfall up to a maximum amount of R30 000 per policy per year.
MedGap will not cover benefits in the following circumstances
  • Devices that are placed inside a body to assist with the functioning of a body part (for example, a pacemaker, stents, etc.) are specifically excluded from cover
  • Any external prosthesis or dental implant.
  • We will also only cover you for any shortfall under this benefit if the medical scheme option that you have selected includes cover under your major medical benefit for the internal prosthesis that you are claiming for. If your medical scheme option does not include cover for this, we will not provide cover for any shortfall either
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